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A volcano of emotions

19 - 23 June 2024

Catania will host the fifth edition of world company sport games

Sicily and Catania are wonders of the Mediterranean, Catania is the second largest and most important city in Sicily.

It extends between the Ionian Sea and the active volcano Etna, the largest volcano in Europe. Catania was founded in 729 BC and was one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily. Romans, Arabs, Aragonese, Normans, and Spaniards brought their cultural contributions and innovations to the territory over the centuries.

Today, its cultural nature, literature, music, theater, traditions, food, and surrounding nature are recognized worldwide.

The characteristic baroque buildings stand out in the streets of lava stone.

  • Didier Besseyre

  • EFCS President
  • From June 19th to June 23rd, 2024, the Italian Federation (CSAIn) and the World Federation of Corporate Sports (WFCS) will organize the 5th World Corporate Sports Games (WSCG) in Catania, Sicily. Just a few months before the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Catania Games will undoubtedly be the international event not to be missed.

    By bringing together participants from many different nations competing in 31 sports, including 3 Paralympic sports, this festive and friendly event will celebrate diversity, cohesion, and performance—values internationally shared by both the sports and business worlds.

    It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I invite you to participate in these 5th World Games in the beautiful Sicilian city, rich in history and culture, which will warmly welcome you to experience this unforgettable human and sporting adventure.

    See you in Catania in June 2024!

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  • Enrico Trantino

  • Mayor of Catania
  • The city of Catania will host the fifth edition of the World Corporate Sports Games from June 19 to June 24, 2024. This is a significant event that adds to the visibility of our city and our splendid region. Sport is increasingly becoming a catalyst, an important driving force for people traveling between various countries on all five continents.

    From a calendar of events limited to a select group of top athletes and professionals, sports have evolved into a cultural phenomenon that engages a broader audience. Individuals are no longer mere spectators but active participants, turning this phenomenon into a genuine social movement. Sport and tourism are increasingly intertwined, influencing travel decisions and preferences.

    Our land, and in particular our city, has always been a destination for significant tourist flows. Our regions receive growing attention and professionalism to ensure a positive experience for all. The WCSG in Catania is an extraordinary example and, at the same time, a splendid opportunity to demonstrate that our beliefs are valid, and our commitment to developing the relationship between sport and tourism is not in vain.

    I extend a warm welcome to the thousands of athlete-workers from all over the world who will arrive here in Catania and throughout the Etna province to compete in their favorite sports activities. The expectations of WFCS, the World Federation of Corporate Sports, from all nations, organizations, and sports societies under its umbrella, will not be disappointed.

    Welcome to Italy. Welcome to Sicily. Welcome to Catania! Enjoy your stay… and may the Gods of sports favor you.

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  • Umberto Ilardo

  • Vice President of the WFCS
  • In the General Assembly held in Athens in June 2019, the World Federation for Company Sport (WFCS) awarded the organization of the 5th edition of the World Corporate Sports Games to Catania, and thus to Italy and Sicily, under the auspices of CSAIn, the National Sports Promotion Authority.

    As the Vice President of WFCS and as an Italian and Sicilian, I cannot help but feel proud of this opportunity. It will not only strengthen the image of our beautiful country and Sicily, with their unmatched natural beauty, historical and cultural traditions, enticing cuisine, and the generous hospitality that distinguishes Italians, including Sicilians, but it will also bring together athletes and non-athletes alike.

    These Games will aim to create a fusion of Sport and Friendship among working athletes, who are already united in teams, fostering competition and fun, both with athletes and workers from other nations and companies. All of this will take place against the backdrop of the simply stunning natural scenery, where visits to Mount Etna and the city of Catania can alternate with relaxing beach days. The ideal June weather will provide the perfect setting for wholesome enjoyment.

    Now more than ever, the Catania Games will be dedicated to promoting amateur and corporate sports to strengthen friendship not only among nations but also among athletes. Whether they simply want to “participate” in the spirit of Pierre de Coubertin or aspire to “win” in the spirit of healthy competition and as a culmination of their training, all participants will come together in the spirit of sportsmanship, shaking hands and enjoying various recreational, entertaining, tourist, and convivial activities.

    With these hopes in mind, I extend my greetings to athletes and workers from all around the world, confident that they will join us in great numbers.

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  • Luigi Fortuna

  • President of CSAIn
  • Dear Friends of WFCS, We are working diligently to be ready to welcome you to Catania in June 2024 with our smiles and a warm embrace of welcome. I take great pleasure in being an integral part of WFCS, a federation of which CSAIn is one of the founding members. It’s a pleasure to once again meet the many, many friends of this organization that, on a global scale, brilliantly highlights the social and cultural values of sports in the unique realm of the workplace.

    The generous heart of Sicily awaits you warmly. Its people are ready, Catania with its millennia-old history and unique geographical features nestled between Mount Etna and the Mediterranean Sea awaits you, as does CSAIn (Centri Sportivi Aziendali e Industriali), the organization I have the honor of presiding over, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2024.

    Speaking with many friends from WFCS, I sense the great anticipation for the 5th edition of WCSG, which will bring athletes back to the old continent of Europe after the Mexican experience in Leon. This anticipation makes us even more responsible and prepared to welcome you with all the enthusiasm and professionalism that such an important event requires.

    We have prepared to offer a land, Sicily, rich in culture, traditions, art, history, and natural beauty, as well as sporting traditions. We expect participation from multiple continents but especially from our “European brothers,” to come together in a grand embrace of friendship, joy, and sports.

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Catania has always been an open city, a city that never stops living. The spirit and hospitality of this territory make it a cosmopolitan and welcoming city for tourists from all over the world. Hotel accommodations B&B satisfy every need.